Why This Blog Is the Way It Is

The posts I’m publishing here tend to be on passé topics. That would seem to contravene the guiding principle of a blog, which is: New, new new! Now, now, now!

But let’s be honest: blogs aren’t what they used to be. Except for the biggest names, especially ones who’ve been around for a while, few bloggers nowadays are read minute-to-minute, update-by-update. Rather, people search for topics they’re interested in, stumble across old posts, or pop in at a site after reading a writer’s work elsewhere, hoping to get some sense of what that writer’s all about.

In truth, a lot of the pieces I post here are old entries from my personal journal, edited to minimize their stupidity. I figure there’s not much difference, these days, between old and new content. With Twitter and Facebook, every thought leaves a mark that fades as fast as the stain of a raindrop on a hot summer sidewalk. All things are already out of date.

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