Here’s a partial list of my published short stories. Some of these may be hard to find!

“An Art, Like Everything Else.” Asimov’s Science Fiction. April/May 2007. In a virtual world, love lasts forever. But should it?

“The LoveSling.” Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet. Spring, 2008. A new erotic aid promises “mega love increasement”–but unwary users may get more than they bargained for.

“Senor Hedor.” Paradox Magazine. April, 2008. Stranded in hostile territory during the Spanish Civil War, soldiers find refuge with an unlikely host.

“Angie’s Errand.” Asimov’s. December, 2009. In the wake of a nuclear war, an orphaned girl struggles to look out for her three younger siblings. How much will she sacrifice to protect her family?

“On the Horizon.” Asimov’s. August, 2010. A convicted criminal is given a rare chance at redemption. But to earn his freedom, he must enter the mind of a murderer–and confront the horrors of his past.

“Radishes.” Apex Magazine. December, 2010. After colonizing an alien world, humans struggle to adapt to the local environment. It’s always important to try new foods–but remember, you are what you eat.

“In the Memory Palace, I Found You.” Asimov’s. March, 2011. They say the world is changing faster every day. What happens when we can no longer keep up?

“Found by Thee.” The New England Review. February, 2014. Becky will do anything to escape her mother, even rush into a whirlwind marriage. But is her new husband really the man of her dreams?

“Placebo.” Asimov’s. August, 2014. When a cutting-edge robo-pet hits the market, the manufacturer promises boundless love and devotion. But one owner soon discovers that his furry new companion isn’t quite as advertised.

“Pynchon Me, I’m Oneirophrenic.” Panhandler. Summer, 2014. In an age when clicks are money and page-views are the ultimate measure of worth, an ambitious writer struggles to make his way in a brutal market. How far will he go to top the bestseller lists?

“The Reading Teacher.” Fabula Argentia. October, 2014. A man with an unusual talent enters the teaching profession–and leaves his students speechless.

“On the Night of the Robo-Bulls and Zombie Dancers.” Asimov’s. February, 2015. Reprinted in Forever Magazine, Janurary 2016. In a time when computers control the economy, a financial wizard sets out on a quest to prevent the ultimate market crash.

“No Placeholder for You, My Love.” Asimov’s. August, 2015. Anthologized in The Year’s Best Science Fiction: 2015, edited by Gardner Dozois. Also in The Year’s Best Science Fiction: 2015, edited by Neil Clarke, and The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy of 2015, edited by John Joseph Adams and Karen Fowler. Reprinted in Clarkesworld, September 2016. Reprinted in Hayakawa (in Japanese). Reprinted in a Vietnamese fanzine the name of which escapes me. Claire believes she’s finally found her soulmate. But to win his love, she must navigate the rules of a world where all is not as it seems.

“We’re So Very Sorry for Your Recent Tragic Loss.” F&SF. September, 2015. A woman’s life is turned upside down when anonymous sources begin to send her disturbingly personal messages.

“Caspar D. Luckinbill, What Are You Going To Do?” F&SF. January/February 2016. A cocky marketing exec thinks he has it made–until a mysterious organization accuses him of a monstrous crime. Reprinted in The Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy, edited by John Joseph Adams and Charles Yu.

“Passion Summer.” Asimov’s. February 2016. You never get to choose your first love–but what if you could? Honorable mention for The Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy, edited by John Joseph Adams and Charles Yu.

“In the Midst of Life.” Clarkesworld. February 2016. At first, it seems like an ordinary job for Doug Lam: busting up an apocalyptic suicide cult. But this time, the deepest secrets of the universe lie in store.

“The Metal Demimonde.” Analog. 2016. Tipper’s a ride-girl, wrangling monstrous machines at a traveling fair. But unexpected romance threatens to derail her career as hi-tech carny.

“Streams and Mountains.” Clarkesworld. 2017. You won’t believe what’s hiding in the forests of the Pacific Northwest.

“Carbo.” F&SF. Nov/Dec 2017. The wholesome, all-American tale of a young man and his misogynist car.

“Confessions of a Con Girl.” Asimov’s. Nov/Dec 2017. In a society enslaved by social media, one young woman receives an education in terror.

“Galatea in Utopia.” F&SF. Jan/Feb 2018. In a world where appearance can be altered at will, a young man undergoes the ultimate makeover.

“Lab B-15.” Analog. March/April 2018.

“Cloudsong.” Infinity’s End, edited by Jonathan Strahan. Forthcoming.

“Stormdiver.” Asimov’s. Forthcoming.

I’ve also written occasional book reviews for the Washington Independent Review of Books.