About Me

I’m a he. I write science fiction. I guess that’s all you really need to know.

See the Bibliography page for a list of stories.

My Twitter: @nickwolven. I don’t tweet much.

Here’s my Wikipedia entry. It’s out of date. It’s also inaccurate. So far as I know, I was never included in The Year’s Best Science Fiction. (I did receive an honorable mention for the 2009 edition; I suspect that’s what led to the error.)

I make it a point to keep my little paws off that page, but if anyone wants to fix it up, be my guest.

Some storytellers I admire: Samuel Delany, Doris Lessing, Margaret Atwood, J.G. Ballard, Neal Stephenson.

Some writers I have my eye on: Sarah McDonald, Henry Lien, Alice Sola Kim.

My Weltanschauung: old-school-agnostic-secular-humanist-relativistic-environmentalist-skeptical-libertarian-anti-hierarchical-multicultural-feminist-epicureanism.


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